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Sourcery Wire & Cable’s (SWC) FastPull products are specifically designed to increase profits and decrease costly jobsite delays on any size electrical project. Some electrical projects simply require FastPull master reels of standard conductor set-ups due to multiple like pulls. Most electric projects can take advantage of SWC’s custom built FastPull cables. Custom built to length with circuit identified wires, identified every 3 inches, our FastPull “point to point” cables are the true step towards incredible labor savings as well as increased jobsite material handling safety. SWC’s expanded capability to bundle up to 430 conductors (#14) and create bundles with conductors as large as 2awg puts SWC  heads and tails above the competition. Add stacking each bundle per panel on a reel; the labor savings increases substantially. One-reel set-up with15 multi-conductor custom bundles – pull, cut, terminate – PRICELESS! Click on the “request quote” tab and begin your journey to true labor independence.

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